Another semi-final finish for Julie Nataas

Julie Nataas raced at her last regional event of the year at Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, IA, September 11-13, to collect points for the North Central Regional Championship. Friday rained out, and they were left with Saturday and Sunday to race. The weather didn’t look great for Saturday, so they were ready for only one qualifying pass to set the field for Sunday.

Julie ran a 5.39ET and 270mph to qualify number 3 first round of qualifying. After one round of qualifying, the team got ready for a second qualifier, but it got too dark to safely race down the racetrack. The team got the car ready for race day and packed up for the night.

On Sunday, the sun was finally shining, and it was an excellent day for racing. The first round of eliminations, Julie raced the number 6 qualifier, Jared Dreher. Julie got the win running a 5.30ET and 277mph to his 5.72ET and 257mph. The second round of eliminations, Julie raced Dean Dubbin. Julie had the quickest car running a 5.37ET and 270mph to his 5.41ET and 264mph. Julie made a driver mistake and lost the semifinal on a holeshot.


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