Semi-Final Finish For Julie Nataas at the U.S. Nationals

Jegs Allstar and Semifinal finish for Julie Nataas.
This past weekend the Jegs Allstars and the prestigious U.S. Nationals took place at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana. The Jegs Allstars Race is usually a race that happens within the race at Route 66 raceway in Chicago, IL, but due to COVID-19, it moved to the U.S. Nationals weekend. Julie qualified for the 2020 Jegs Allstars Race representing the North Central Region and, her two Randy Meyer Racing teammates Megan and Rachel Meyer, representing the Central Region. This is also the first time all three teammates have been driving at the same event.

“This is my first ever Jegs Allstars I have qualified for, so I didn’t know what to expect other than that we would have two race days on the same weekend. I qualified no. 6 with a 5.34ET and 260MPH, but unfortunately, I smoked the tires first round against Jackie Fricke. My first Jegs Allstars race was over pretty quick, and my focus went over to the U.S. Nationals race.”

Julie Nataas qualified no.10 with the same run she qualified no.6 for the Jegs Allstars. She had to race her teammate Rachel Meyer first round, and Julie got the win with a 5.23ET-274MPH against Rachel’s 5.29ET-269MPH. The second round, Julie was set to race Matthew Cummings, but he got shut off at the starting line, and Julie ran a 5.21ET-270MPH for the win. In the semifinals, Julie faced Josh Hart, who ran a 5.26ET-274MPH to win over Julie’s 5.50ET-263MPH. Julie dropped a hole right at the hit and could not get in front of Josh Hart.

“It’s always disappointing losing a race so close to the final round, but I’m happy we made it to the U.S. Nationals semifinals. It was a fantastic weekend for the whole team. It’s the first time we have had all three cars in the same race. We had a semifinal finish, and my teammate Megan Meyer set a new national record and brought home the win.”

Next weekend Julie is racing at Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, Iowa, to race at her last regional race of the season.


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