The Championship Chase in Las Vegas

This past weekend Julie Nataas raced at the last national event of the 2020 season at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Going into the weekend, three drivers could take home the championship: Shawn Cowie, Megan Meyer, and Julie Nataas. It’s the first time Julie has been in the championship chase going into the last race of the season.

Top Alcohol Dragster had two qualifying passes on Friday. Julie’s car slowed down after her runner-up in Houston, running a 5.36ET both rounds. The 5.36ET-268MPH put Julie in the no.8 spot and faced Steve Griboski first round. Julie ran a 5.35ET-260MPH for the win over his 9.16ET-120MPH. Unfortunately, Julie was not able to make the second round against her teammate, Megan Meyer. The car wasn’t happy with the tune-up in the first round, and the motor was spent. The team did not have a spare motor for Julie’s car as they have been on the road for several weeks and used all their motors at other races.

“Las Vegas is always one of my favorite places to race. Usually, there’s always fans, friends, and family that come over from Europe. However, this year is a little different, so there were barely any fans at the race at all. Of course, I was still very excited to race in Las Vegas, especially knowing I was still in the championship chase. Unfortunately, we ended the weekend and season on a tough note when I didn’t have a motor for the second round of eliminations”.


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