“Home Home” in Norway

Julie Nataas was finally able to fly “home home” to Norway for the first time since January. It’s almost been a year without seeing her family. Usually, Julie’s family comes over to the states quite a lot to visit Julie at home in California and to the races, but we all know this year has been different. It’s almost been a month since she landed in Norway. This is what she’s been up to: 

Two weeks of quarantine

Norway has some strict rules and is currently in a partial lockdown due to COVID-19. One of them is two weeks quarantine after at home after travel. Julie spent her time at home, adjusting to the 9 hour time difference, relaxing, and spend time with her family.

She celebrated her Birthday – quarantine style

Julie turned 24 years-old on December 3rd, and although Julie loves to throw a Birthday Party, she had no plans because of the situation with COVID-19 at the moment. Her Birthday turned into an unplanned Birthday Party when her grandparents and a best friend showed up. Her quarantine style Birthday turned out pretty good with Sushi, Champagne (Julie’s favorite), and family.

Christmas Tree Hunting in the Woods 

Last weekend Julie and almost her whole family went out in the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. They found “the one,” but they’re not sure if it is “the one” until it’s decorated and in the living room. 

National Team Online Training 

Usually, the national team would workout together at a gym every other Tuesday night this time of the year to prepare for the 2021 season. Gyms are closed, and Norway has restrictions for how many people can be together, so this year it’s been online. Julie uses the gym in her parents’ house while she is in Norway and while gyms are still closed. This is actually the first time since March that Julie has been in a gym since everything has been closed in California. She is happy to get a break from alternative training outside or in her living room.


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